US Recession must be over

From the looks of people I know, who are looking to trade up from their 3 year old homes and those who are moving onto better higher paying jobs, perhaps the US recession is about over. Last time I lived through a recession, I knew dozens of people who lost their jobs, including yours truly. This time around, even with a much more diverse group of friends and acquaintances, I don’t even know a single unemployed (by choice that is) person. I do know a few who had to forgo bonuses and take salary cuts. I had coworkers who were let go, then again, I have plenty of new coworkers, too. I see lots of new Audis and BMWs with new dealer tags around. I hear VCs are making noise, again. Large companies like Oracle and Microsoft are throwing events for their customers.

All in my book are signs that perhaps the cycle is turning upward. Let’s hope that people have learned a bit from this recession and make better decisions with their pocket books than fuel another raging bubble.


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