1 year past and there are no bodies piled in the streets

A year ago today, HB89 went into effect in the state of Georgia. GeorgiaCarry.org president Ed Stone has a good write up about it here. GA became one of almost 40 states to allow guns in establishments that serve alcohol and again one of many states that allow legally carried guns on public transportation. The opponents of the legislation warned of streets running with blood of innocents and bodies piled high. Well, the usual scare tactics proved BS as usual.

The fact is if we can trust police officers with criminal records to carry guns in public we shouldn’t be against civilians with clean background check from carrying to protect themselves and their families. I know for many who are not used to the idea of guns, it may be a bit unnerving to know that people around you may be carrying but it has been proven many times that the idea of an armed populace is a deterrent to criminals.

If politicians want to really protect “the children” (oh, but please think of the children!), then they should first concentrate on the drunk drivers who claim many more lives than legally owned guns in this country.

Happy birthday HB89 and one more time, congratulations GeorgiaCarry.org.


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