And I (we are) am back! Maybe :)

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As you can see, I haven’t posted since 2009. As I got older and wiser (right!), my focus is a bit different and this will be reflected in any new posts. Also, there will be a lot more new original content, because my life is quite a bit different. The focus of the blog will be lot more about competition shooting such as IDPA/USPSA, and tactical interests. I will hopefully have some company with me so that the content will be more often and varied.  So, stay tuned 🙂


Why would a homeowner need a high capacity self defense weapon?

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Here is an article from AJC about a recent home break-in in an Atlanta neighborhood. The home in question have been burglarized before, like many other homes in this up and coming neighborhood. Notice that there are 4 burglars hitting a house that has a security system, video cameras and a dog. It is also very likely that when they knock on the door, if there is a homeowner inside, the homeowner may not be able to make it to the front door before they break it down. Such cases happened many times in these neighborhoods. In such a case, the homeowner would be up against 4 possibly armed home invaders who are known to be hostile. The issue here is that cities like DC are trying to make sure that their citizens are not armed with anything more than a revolver or a hunting style shotgun. Having 5-6 rounds available against 4 intruders is not exactly a comforting thought. Many police officers involved in shootings fire around a dozen shots while only placing a small percentage of these shots on an assailant. Obviously, specific circumstances will define this ratio, but having 5-6 shots against 4 possibly armed intruders places the homeowner in a definite tactical disadvantage. This is the exact scenario why I believe a homeowner should own a high capacity weapon. As definition goes, a high capacity weapon is one that can hold more than 10 rounds in a magazine. Such guns used to be against the law with the now defunct Assault Weapon Ban. Though, several states such as California still have this ban in place as state law.

The above story dispels a few common myths;

  1. Having a dog is a great deterrent to home invaders
  2. Having a security system is a great deterrent to home invaders
  3. Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice.

Racism a factor in Atlanta mayoral elections. Really?

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The short version of the story is that some black Atlantans decided to write a memo urging Atlanta black voters to come out and vote for one of the black candidates, otherwise a white candidate (Mary Norwood, City council member) could win the election. This would be the first time in over 3 decades Atlanta would have a non-black mayor.

You can find to the well written AJC article here

The sad things about this whole story is that:

a) This is probably have many black Atlantans feel. It is easy to feel the hatred and racism walking down the street by the stares sometime. There is no doubt that City of Atlanta governance is dominated by one race.

b)Mayors of Atlanta in the last 20+ years, regardless of race, have done a very crappy job. Our previous mayor is in jail. Our current mayor has many conflicts of interest and can’t even get the city to produce truthful or accurate financial statements. Considering she has been in office for 8 years, she can’t blame anyone but herself for the condition the city is in at the moment. The infrastructure of the city is crumbling.  Crime is on the rise, while the police chief is in denial.

Perhaps, it is time for a change. Change we can believe in Atlanta!

As economy prepares to upswing, companies face a new dilemna.

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With the leveling off of the current economic downturn, companies have cut costs as much as they can without going out of business. They have shed the poorest performers and even some of the mid to high performers. Inventory levels are at an all time low, so low that cutting inventories any further will seriously jeopardize companies operations.

The new concern now is to retain the employees and talent these companies still have. As the economy ticks up and competition heats up, such lean companies will be left behind the curve without their top employees.

The tricky situation for the companies now is to retain employees that have been getting salaries cut or frozen, and therefore disgruntled. For many of the companies, the year end process is around the corner. These companies will have to make a tough choice in if they want to give bad news again to their employees. Many corporations only rate, promote and reward their employees once a year, at year end. For many of the workers, going without a pay raise for 2-3 years is more than an excuse to jump ship.

Then there are those companies who managed to contain costs through tough measures and still stayed profitable in this economic climate. These companies face an even tougher decision at year end. If they give bad news to their employees citing bad economic climate, even while reporting profits, how likely will their top talent be to stay on board for the next 8-16 months as the economy races upwards.

Times like these are why executives are paid so handsomely. They are paid to make the tough but correct choices so that their company will come out on top compared to the competition. What we will see in the next 12 months is those corporations with the smart and competent management make gains and those with the mediocre ones take hit in market share.

Dumb criminal, dead criminal!

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I don’t know much about robbing banks,  but if I was to attempt such a thing I probably wouldn’t use a van with my name painted on the side in large letters. And after the getaway, walk around holding a handgun. Kudos to the Forsyth County deputy in a good shoot.

Link is here

DC sued for 2nd Amendment, again!

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The same lawyers who won the Supreme Court case last year against DC are suing, again. This time for the right to carry concealed in DC. Residents with licenses from other states are included in the lawsuit.
Get this, today you can be arrested for having a gun in your car when stopped for a traffic violation in DC. How many laws and principles does that violate in so many states? Let alone the constitution.
God speed, good folks!

Talking about “impulse difficulties”

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One of the many anti-gun arguments I have heard over the years was that people couldn’t be trusted with guns because there are many out there with “impulse difficulties”. Well, along those same lines, we shouldn’t be trusting people to drive, own knives or chainsaws. Kinda like what UK is becoming.

Usually, same people who make these arguments believe that cops and the government will protect them and they don’t need to be able to protect themselves. Here is a news flash, the cops and the people in government are the same exact type of people with “impulse difficulties”.  There are news stories everyday of police officers pulling their guns out in a fit of rage.

Here is a recent one from Atlanta ‘We’re gonna die tonight,’ cop allegedly told girlfriend

While of course there are many police officers who have no trouble controlling their rage, it is besided my point. My point is that people, at least those who value their lives and freedoms, have the right to be able to protect themselves. Guns are just tools that people can use to do just that. Guns don’t go around shooting people, it is people who make a decision to do that act who shoot people.

//Rant off