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This is good journalism!

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I know I rag on MSM very often but there is some glimmer of hope out there. I read a few very good articles lately and here is one of the better ones. New Jersey’s ‘Italian’ Problem is a great article relating how big government is also the corrupt government, by example of Italy and New Jersey.

One gotcha about the above article though, I was waiting for the article to tie the big government corruption to the nationalized health care being pushed by President Obama at the moment. I guess you will have to go to this other great article for that 5 Freedoms You’d Lose in Health Care Reform .



Opinion of the Mainstream Media

Posted in Liberties, Life, Mainstream Media (MSM) with tags on July 26, 2009 by rightdownandridiculous

Recently, I have been accused of having a bias against the Mainstream Media (MSM). After thinking about this for a while, I thought about all the other people I know who have such a negative view of the MSM of today. If you read many books penned by former Special Forces operators or speak to our veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan, they seem to have a similar attitude towards MSM. Many people who believe in self reliance and 2nd Amendment also hold similar views to these. Is there something in the cool aid that we all drink that makes us so sceptical of the corporate owned news outlets? Or is it the rest of the country (some refer to them as the Sheep or Sheeple) too distracted by the latest debacles (MJ’s funeral, what Britney or Lohan is up to today) to pay attention to the bigger issues?

I always say that a healthy dose of paranoia makes me good at my job. Perhaps this “paranoia” is starting to leak into my day to day view of the world, too. Perhaps, they are right, ignorance is bliss!

Washington Post can’t afford editors!

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Recently, I read a heart wrenching story on Washington Post about a parent’s dire situation in Gaza strip with his American born kids. The kids passports are expiring or expired, hence they can’t travel out of the area and can’t get help from American consulate. The heart wrenching part of the story is the horrible grammatical errors and not so great journalism that made it to the pages of Washington Post online.

I have been told that the errors were probably fixed on the print edition, which is when I realized that there are still print edition newspapers out there in 21st century!!!!!

Here is the link to the article and a few of the horrid errors.

“However, the blockade has been widely criticize. ”

“Gazans with European passports seem to bee better off. ”

Did Washington Post outsource editing to India and somebody forgot to tell me?