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And I (we are) am back! Maybe :)

Posted in Uncategorized on July 28, 2017 by rightdownandridiculous

As you can see, I haven’t posted since 2009. As I got older and wiser (right!), my focus is a bit different and this will be reflected in any new posts. Also, there will be a lot more new original content, because my life is quite a bit different. The focus of the blog will be lot more about competition shooting such as IDPA/USPSA, and tactical interests. I will hopefully have some company with me so that the content will be more often and varied.  So, stay tuned 🙂


1 year past and there are no bodies piled in the streets

Posted in Liberties, Life, Uncategorized on July 1, 2009 by rightdownandridiculous

A year ago today, HB89 went into effect in the state of Georgia. president Ed Stone has a good write up about it here. GA became one of almost 40 states to allow guns in establishments that serve alcohol and again one of many states that allow legally carried guns on public transportation. The opponents of the legislation warned of streets running with blood of innocents and bodies piled high. Well, the usual scare tactics proved BS as usual.

The fact is if we can trust police officers with criminal records to carry guns in public we shouldn’t be against civilians with clean background check from carrying to protect themselves and their families. I know for many who are not used to the idea of guns, it may be a bit unnerving to know that people around you may be carrying but it has been proven many times that the idea of an armed populace is a deterrent to criminals.

If politicians want to really protect “the children” (oh, but please think of the children!), then they should first concentrate on the drunk drivers who claim many more lives than legally owned guns in this country.

Happy birthday HB89 and one more time, congratulations

iPhones are dangerous!

Posted in Life, Uncategorized on June 16, 2009 by rightdownandridiculous

All cell phones are dangerous. Especially, if you have been drinking and there is a certain someone you have been thinking about telling off. Liquid encouragement and the convenience of having that call just a few clicks away is a wild and scary combination. iPhones are even more dangerous! Since they have an app for everything, including ones that record your drunken friend yelling interesting sound bites in the middle of a bar.

So, I may or may not contain a recording of said friend yelling “I want you to f… me!” Or at least that’s what the sound bite says after it is edited out a second or two. Do you think this friend will remember her obscenities? LOL

Now, how do I get this recording on to my computer?

TA DA!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 12, 2009 by rightdownandridiculous

Well, I made it. I am here in the 21st century, with my very own blog. Only took me about 3 years to get around to it. Not bad, huh? Good news is, I have a large file with lots of stuff I have been meaning to post about. I guess that is what got me to finally start a blog. Anyway, I’ll try not to be a douche who thinks what he says is super important. 🙂