Welcome to my blog. It supposed to be all about things I mean to shout out everyday.  I wanted share my opinions not because I think I am all that important but with the variety of certifications and specializations I have, I may have a view point maybe others will find interesting.

Some of my interests, specializations and certifications are:

  • Certified Database Administrator
  • Certified UNIX System Administrator
  • JAVA programmer
  • Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Published tennis racquet stringer
  • Self proclaimed know-it-all in all things related to tennis racquets
  • Tennis racquet tester for some of the largest manufacturers
  • Retired wannabe tennis tour pro/athlete
  • Guest college lecturer in data management
  • IT solution architect
  • Wanna be day-trader

I should clarify that I am not a Democrat nor a Republican. I am skeptical of all politicians and I vote on issues and candidates. If a candidate insults my intelligence with his/her ads, I will vote against that candidate regardless of party. If that makes me an independent, so be it.

If you do find my blog interesting, please feel free to leave comments.

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