Why would a homeowner need a high capacity self defense weapon?

Here is an article from AJC about a recent home break-in in an Atlanta neighborhood. The home in question have been burglarized before, like many other homes in this up and coming neighborhood. Notice that there are 4 burglars hitting a house that has a security system, video cameras and a dog. It is also very likely that when they knock on the door, if there is a homeowner inside, the homeowner may not be able to make it to the front door before they break it down. Such cases happened many times in these neighborhoods. In such a case, the homeowner would be up against 4 possibly armed home invaders who are known to be hostile. The issue here is that cities like DC are trying to make sure that their citizens are not armed with anything more than a revolver or a hunting style shotgun. Having 5-6 rounds available against 4 intruders is not exactly a comforting thought. Many police officers involved in shootings fire around a dozen shots while only placing a small percentage of these shots on an assailant. Obviously, specific circumstances will define this ratio, but having 5-6 shots against 4 possibly armed intruders places the homeowner in a definite tactical disadvantage. This is the exact scenario why I believe a homeowner should own a high capacity weapon. As definition goes, a high capacity weapon is one that can hold more than 10 rounds in a magazine. Such guns used to be against the law with the now defunct Assault Weapon Ban. Though, several states such as California still have this ban in place as state law.

The above story dispels a few common myths;

  1. Having a dog is a great deterrent to home invaders
  2. Having a security system is a great deterrent to home invaders
  3. Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice.

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