Racism a factor in Atlanta mayoral elections. Really?

The short version of the story is that some black Atlantans decided to write a memo urging Atlanta black voters to come out and vote for one of the black candidates, otherwise a white candidate (Mary Norwood, City council member) could win the election. This would be the first time in over 3 decades Atlanta would have a non-black mayor.

You can find to the well written AJC article here

The sad things about this whole story is that:

a) This is probably have many black Atlantans feel. It is easy to feel the hatred and racism walking down the street by the stares sometime. There is no doubt that City of Atlanta governance is dominated by one race.

b)Mayors of Atlanta in the last 20+ years, regardless of race, have done a very crappy job. Our previous mayor is in jail. Our current mayor has many conflicts of interest and can’t even get the city to produce truthful or accurate financial statements. Considering she has been in office for 8 years, she can’t blame anyone but herself for the condition the city is in at the moment. The infrastructure of the city is crumbling.  Crime is on the rise, while the police chief is in denial.

Perhaps, it is time for a change. Change we can believe in Atlanta!


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