Thomas Friedman is at it again! Why does he hate America?

Thomas Friedman of the “World is flat” piece of junk fame is on a roll, again. This time he calls the man and women in uniform who stick with their honorable duty and reenlist “The Class Too Dumb to Quit“. As the genius that he is, he insinuates that fighting the Taliban and this war in Afghanistan is not worth it. We supposed to be going after Al Qaeda and all we have now is this never ending war, is what he is trying to say. Apparently, the military needs a genius like him to point out who in Afghanistan is Al Qaeda and who is Taliban so that we can just kill those who are responsible for 9/11 and get out of there in a hurry.

Thank God that we have the brave men and women in uniform who will take his writing as the worthless junk that is and will still fight for the freedoms we have, like his ability to write and publish what he thinks.


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