Southern High Schools lead the country in something

And that something is the lowest graduation rates in the country. According to this article from AJC most of the Southern states are in the 17 states with the worst high school graduation rates in the country.

This reminded me of a conversation I had with my HS Calculus teacher in Alabama (many many years ago!). He mentioned that they were lowering the standards greatly so that kids won’t flunk out. Apparently, even reducing the standards wasn’t enough to keep these kids from graduating. In Alabama, the statewide HS graduation exam is simple enough that most sophomores who regularly show up to class can pass at first try.

This year, I was asked to give some lectures at Auburn University as a guest lecturer. After my lectures, I was talking to my professor and he was mentioning how they have even lowered their standards since I have graduated. We talked about the grade inflation issue and how he was pressured to pass kids who didn’t even possess basic analytical skills. I thanked him and other faculty members for sending the workforce graduates who could barely comprehend instructions given to them. LOL

I obviously don’t have the answer to why this problem came to be or how it can be fixed but I have to point out my cynical view of things, a dumber population is much easier to control (and distract from issues that matter).


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