A long rant about MSM, blogs and liberties

I have recently been asked by my mother to explain what my blog was about. I started to write her an email that I thought was going to be short but it turned into a long rant. So, I am editing it slightly and posting here because I know a few of my friends will find it chuckle or sneer worthy. Hope you enjoy.

Main Stream Media (MSM) is full of so called experts (journalists) who are paid little and are asked to write articles in disciplines they have no training or knowledge in. Journalists are only trained in how to write articles. They do research and they write articles based on this research. What if their sources are false? They would never know. Since they don’t have the training in the subject matter, they couldn’t tell if what they are told or read is false. Hence their work is false. Add to this is the fact that most journalists today are expected to write many articles in a small period of time, how can anything you read in MSM be factual?

Blogs are a way in part for the experts to express their own opinions based on their expertise. Now, I am considered a SME in Data Modeling and Architecture. SME stands for Subject Matter Expert. Do I write a blog on Data Modeling, NO!
Though, I figure, enough years in business school, living with 2 parents who were executives and over 12 years in the business world dealing with some of the biggest companies in the world does lend me a bit of expertise in business. Having lived my own life and worked in the real world, made my own choices and suffered my own consequences since very young, in my mind lends me to think that I am somewhat of an expert in life. Hence my blog is about Business, Life and Liberties.

And you are gonna ask, what about liberties? What do you know about liberties? That’s somewhat correct. I am not a civil war fighter, I haven’t been prisoned for my beliefs or my words. Though, I have seen enough countries to learn that liberties are earned through work of those who hold life dear and fight for them. If Ataturk didn’t choose to fight, would Turkish people have liberties? If the colonial settlers didn’t fight the British and the French, would USA have liberties?  In a democracy, do people fight for their liberties when they vote? What happens if the voting system is designed to remove liberties in favor of the status quo? What is left for the people to do? Revolt? How do you revolt if only the government has the power? If only the government has all the weapons? How can people stand up to their just or unjust rule if they have no ability to remove those who can control all, sometimes with the threat of force? Do any of the above sound similar to situations today in Iraq or Iran? Do Iraqis deserve liberties? Who fights for their liberties, Americans or Iraqis? What about Iranians? Since the fundamentalists have all the weapons, how would the rest of the population stand up to their government? And what about the US? I heard one person today mention that she would be supportive of a national gun ban. Really? If we are in the business of giving away liberties, logically speaking, we can ban free speech and it would be the same thing, wouldn’t it? Afterall, what backs free speech? Government? Really?

Liberties, yes, liberties, is the reason those who believe in them fight and take a stand because liberty is the ability of the people to do what they think is the right thing for them to do.

Let me know what you think.


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