Google is going to wipe out Microsoft Windows!

Or so it seems from all the MSM articles you see regarding Google planning to release a PC operating system by the second half of 2010. Obviously, this is sensationalist journalism to have an attention grabbing headline (see what I did there? ). Google has released its own browser before without making much of a dent in Internet Explorer or Firefox’s market share.

This reminded me of those commercials Microsoft is running against Apple. You know the ones with everyday people saving lots of money buying a laptop that runs Windows instead of Mac OS X? How come they don’t say at the end of those commercials, “if you really want to save money up front that badly, get a laptop that runs Linux”? For those who are not aware, Linux is a free PC operating system that is based on UNIX (which is an operating system that dominates most of world’s most powerful servers).

The fact is, the true cost of an operating system or a PC for that matter is not what one pays at the check out of local electronics superstore. I can’t even begin to count the number of hours (days, really) I have lost trying to fix issues in computers due to bad programming or architectural decisions made by some kids at Microsoft. These issues could be as lame as cleaning virus infections and as ridiculous as trying to get drivers to work with a new (or old) piece of hardware. Or it could even be as simple as having to close all your applications and reboot several times a day, with each reboot taking minutes.

If you are interested, here is a great book about why tech products are designed the way they are. The author was working for the Microsoft team that wrote Microsoft Excel. An excellent read:

The Inmates are Running the Asylum


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