Arizona joins states that allow carry into restaurants

As Georgians celebrate the first anniversary of being able to legally carry into restaurants that serve alcohol, Arizona has joined the pack. The same exact arguments that were made in Georgia last year and Tennessee this year were made again in Arizona by those who are opposed to guns being carried anywhere. How frustrating of a job the NRA lobbyists must have to answer the same exact arguments over and over, state after state?

With 40 states in this group, if there was any way Brady or other anti-gun groups could show ANY statistics to support their arguments they would have been screaming those numbers from roof tops.

Some may ask “Why would you need to carry a gun into a restaurant?”. In my personal experience, it is not so much carrying into the restaurant as it is being able to carry in and out of them. What do I mean by that? I had several neighbors robbed or attacked while walking from/to their cars and the local eateries. A few months ago, a gentleman in East Atlanta shot a would be armed robber who tried to pray on him and the person in his company. With the mayor of Atlanta putting the police force on furloughs, she has demonstrated once and again that only people themselves can provide their own security. Luckily, we live in a state and country that allows their citizens to do just that.


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