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Talking about “impulse difficulties”

Posted in Crime, Liberties, Life on July 29, 2009 by rightdownandridiculous

One of the many anti-gun arguments I have heard over the years was that people couldn’t be trusted with guns because there are many out there with “impulse difficulties”. Well, along those same lines, we shouldn’t be trusting people to drive, own knives or chainsaws. Kinda like what UK is becoming.

Usually, same people who make these arguments believe that cops and the government will protect them and they don’t need to be able to protect themselves. Here is a news flash, the cops and the people in government are the same exact type of people with “impulse difficulties”.  There are news stories everyday of police officers pulling their guns out in a fit of rage.

Here is a recent one from Atlanta ‘We’re gonna die tonight,’ cop allegedly told girlfriend

While of course there are many police officers who have no trouble controlling their rage, it is besided my point. My point is that people, at least those who value their lives and freedoms, have the right to be able to protect themselves. Guns are just tools that people can use to do just that. Guns don’t go around shooting people, it is people who make a decision to do that act who shoot people.

//Rant off


This is good journalism!

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I know I rag on MSM very often but there is some glimmer of hope out there. I read a few very good articles lately and here is one of the better ones. New Jersey’s ‘Italian’ Problem is a great article relating how big government is also the corrupt government, by example of Italy and New Jersey.

One gotcha about the above article though, I was waiting for the article to tie the big government corruption to the nationalized health care being pushed by President Obama at the moment. I guess you will have to go to this other great article for that 5 Freedoms You’d Lose in Health Care Reform .


Opinion of the Mainstream Media

Posted in Liberties, Life, Mainstream Media (MSM) with tags on July 26, 2009 by rightdownandridiculous

Recently, I have been accused of having a bias against the Mainstream Media (MSM). After thinking about this for a while, I thought about all the other people I know who have such a negative view of the MSM of today. If you read many books penned by former Special Forces operators or speak to our veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan, they seem to have a similar attitude towards MSM. Many people who believe in self reliance and 2nd Amendment also hold similar views to these. Is there something in the cool aid that we all drink that makes us so sceptical of the corporate owned news outlets? Or is it the rest of the country (some refer to them as the Sheep or Sheeple) too distracted by the latest debacles (MJ’s funeral, what Britney or Lohan is up to today) to pay attention to the bigger issues?

I always say that a healthy dose of paranoia makes me good at my job. Perhaps this “paranoia” is starting to leak into my day to day view of the world, too. Perhaps, they are right, ignorance is bliss!

We can all breathe better now, AR-15 shortage is about over!

Posted in Business, Life on July 23, 2009 by rightdownandridiculous

It seems that the arms manufacturers in US have stepped up to the plate, trying to fulfill their backlog of orders with increased capacity. Semi-automatic rifles such as AR-15s and parts for these guns have been in higher availability in the last few weeks. There are even a few manufacturers who have suddenly found themselves with a big inventory of stripped lowers.

Ammunition craze is slowing down slightly, too. 9mm ammo have been spotted in Wal-Mart shelves again. 45 and 380 ACP rounds are still very scarce. Perhaps increased unemployment is dampening the ability of people to hoard too much ammo. Perhaps it is the increased supply from manufacturer plants running 24/7.

One thing is for sure, there is light at the end of the tunnel! 🙂

Thomas Friedman is at it again! Why does he hate America?

Posted in Liberties, Life on July 22, 2009 by rightdownandridiculous

Thomas Friedman of the “World is flat” piece of junk fame is on a roll, again. This time he calls the man and women in uniform who stick with their honorable duty and reenlist “The Class Too Dumb to Quit“. As the genius that he is, he insinuates that fighting the Taliban and this war in Afghanistan is not worth it. We supposed to be going after Al Qaeda and all we have now is this never ending war, is what he is trying to say. Apparently, the military needs a genius like him to point out who in Afghanistan is Al Qaeda and who is Taliban so that we can just kill those who are responsible for 9/11 and get out of there in a hurry.

Thank God that we have the brave men and women in uniform who will take his writing as the worthless junk that is and will still fight for the freedoms we have, like his ability to write and publish what he thinks.

National concealed carry bill defeated!

Posted in Crime, Liberties, Life on July 22, 2009 by rightdownandridiculous

I wasn’t going to post about the national concealed carry bill being defeated in the Senate today, but there are so many half truths and BS quotes out there that I had to add my 2 cents. Here is an article about the actual voting today .

How is it that the states with some of the strictest gun controls have the cities with the worst crime rates in the nation? Newark’s mayor can be seen commenting on the legislation, which is probably an inside joke by the author of the article. If one is visiting Newark, he/she probably should be carrying just to avoid being victimized.

Also, the article talks about gun permit holders committing crimes. The actual stats come up to be something like .001 percent of these permit holders committed a crime. If that number is compared to any other demographic, such as police officers, I bet the percentage would be much higher.

Another spin that was thrown in the last second today was that the Virginia Tech shooter’s mental health records were miraculously recovered of all days, today. These records were missing for 2 years but suddenly they surfaced and were reported to the media the same day one of the biggest gun bills in the nation were being voted on. I am sorry, call me cynical but that much of a coincidence is almost impossible.

First, as pointed out, if one has a drivers license in one state it is valid in all states. Of course this only works because most common traffic rules are the same in most states. Yes, there usually is an exam of sorts to get a drivers license. But, driving is not even a constitutionally protected right. What needs to really happen is that the states with the ridiculous gun laws (MA, NY, IL, WI) need to bring theirs in line with the majority of the other states. That would of course also mean that the states that allow anyone to carry would need to bring their laws more in line with the majority of the states. Now, I am only talking about carry licenses. I don’t think there should ever be a license for people to buy and keep a gun in their homes.

Second, the question of training, if it should be required or not. While, I hate seing people who can’t handle a gun safely be allowed to carry, I also know what happens when government gets into the business of regulating people’s rights. Just look at China! So, perhaps a somewhat less intrusive medium could be reached. How about a 5 minute exam that tests one’s ability to safely handle a gun and shoot a man sized target at 7 yards? Have NRA or POST certified instructors or Law Enforcement officials be able to verify the results and set a cap of something like $20 for the maximum that could be charged. No mandatory training but mandatory certification to be able to carry into ANY state in the nation. Of course the customary clean background check would be the same across the board. Would that be worth it? I think so, but then again I may be biased.

Let me know what you think.

Southern High Schools lead the country in something

Posted in Life on July 22, 2009 by rightdownandridiculous

And that something is the lowest graduation rates in the country. According to this article from AJC most of the Southern states are in the 17 states with the worst high school graduation rates in the country.

This reminded me of a conversation I had with my HS Calculus teacher in Alabama (many many years ago!). He mentioned that they were lowering the standards greatly so that kids won’t flunk out. Apparently, even reducing the standards wasn’t enough to keep these kids from graduating. In Alabama, the statewide HS graduation exam is simple enough that most sophomores who regularly show up to class can pass at first try.

This year, I was asked to give some lectures at Auburn University as a guest lecturer. After my lectures, I was talking to my professor and he was mentioning how they have even lowered their standards since I have graduated. We talked about the grade inflation issue and how he was pressured to pass kids who didn’t even possess basic analytical skills. I thanked him and other faculty members for sending the workforce graduates who could barely comprehend instructions given to them. LOL

I obviously don’t have the answer to why this problem came to be or how it can be fixed but I have to point out my cynical view of things, a dumber population is much easier to control (and distract from issues that matter).