A few comments on F-22 and F-35 politics and business

As you may have read about it on the recent news, Defense Secretary and the President would like to stop funding the expensive F-22 project to shift funds needed elsewhere. There is much noise about the ability of the new cheaper F-35 to pick up the roles F-22 never filled. Of course much of this is politics, since those politicians who are still trying to fund the F-22 are worried about jobs in their respective districts. Reading about all this reminded me a recent conversation with someone who works on the F-35 project. It turns out that the new jet’s engine is SO LOUD that many communities will be looking to ban fly over of this new savior multi-role aircraft. Now, it isn’t the first time a jet has been deemed too noisy to fly over populated areas. This was part of the reason, now defunct, Concorde supersonic jet never was a viable airliner and was unable to fly over most populated land.

Coincidentally, there is a move to acquire spare engines for the F-35, I imagine partly because of the noise concern. It is curious though I didn’t read anything about this extra loud but powerful engine in MSM.


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