Democrat Senator hasn’t heard of due process!

According to a recent CNN article (, Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-New Jersey is introducing legislation to give U.S. attorney general “authority to stop the sale of guns or explosives to terrorists.”, and by terrorists he means people on the terrorist watch list.

So, let’s see, some joker in FBI or Homeland Security can put you on this list and the attorney general can remove your 2nd amendment rights with no trial or other procedure that shows that you have ever done anything wrong. And there is hardly anything you can ever do to get yourself of this list or have your rights restored. I have met at least one individual with a very common Anglo-Saxon name who is in this list solely because of his common name. The linked article mentions the inaccuracy of this list and the inability of those on the list unable to have their names removed even when they are proven to not be terrorist.

I think our senator missed a few things in his civic class, like due process, checks and balances, innocent until proven guilty. Perhaps he was too busy looking up girls skirts. If such a law goes through, who is to say that someday all non-American born or non-Christians will not be placed on such a list on the whim of that administration? Who is going to protect the constitutional rights of those minorities then?

In reality, ACLU should be fighting this law and not NRA, but we all know that ACLU does NOT consider 2nd Amendment one of our liberties, contrary to Supreme Court ruling last year.


2 Responses to “Democrat Senator hasn’t heard of due process!”

  1. You don’t really expect the ACLU to protect second amendment rights do you? They only support far left proposals. Good posting!!

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