Verboden! Mentality

When a society first starts, there are few rules. People are usually allowed to do most things they want, short of going on a murdering rape spree. Overtime, that society “evolves” and the legislature enacts laws to protect the citizens from themselves. In heavily regulated societies it is common to have a large portion of the populace believe that unless something is explicitly allowed it must be forbidden or outlawed. Of course, all of those signs everywhere telling these citizens that they are not allowed to park here, walk there, do this or do that only enforces this mindset. I have recently witnessed a friend of mine in a foreign land over in Europa note that the first word she learned in the language of the country was “Verboden” meaning forbidden or against rules.

Coincidentally, some of the supposedly civilized Western countries have way more Verboden things those of the most oppressive regimes. Heck, in parts of UK and US, you can be sent to jail for defending yourself against a criminal breaking into your house!

So, I ask you, who truly is the free ones here? People in the West or those in countries with patchy if any democracies?


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