Hey! Look at me! I am superhero!

CNN’s definition of superhero is a guy who wears a cape and a mask and files a police report. Reminds me of the movie Mystery Man, with misfit superhero wannabes. I am not sure if it is out of line to say that these people are the product of Attention Whore Generation.


Wow, thank god that there are states in America where law abiding citizens are allowed to stop criminals instead of reporting them to overworked and understaffed Law Enforcement officers. States, like GA, have Castle doctrine to stop a forcible felony using force if needed.

This is great news for the poor resident’s of City of Atlanta whose Police Chief is not so sympathetic to an occasional crime wave. I suppose the maybe because Chief Pennington is from New Orleans and has a much more relaxed view of crime. Oh, and the fact that there is no room in the badly run, under court mandate, Fulton County jail to put criminals in may have something to do with his attitude. Some East Atlanta residents who have reported break ins were told by Atlanta Police Department (APD) officers to get a gun and shoot the intruder if they are home during the next break in. Apparently, APD officers are smarter than their chief, lol.

Speaking of APD officers, a recent AJC article notes that about 30% of APD officers have criminal backgrounds. This is quite shocking news but considering AJCs budget cuts and the non-living wage they pay to the poor saps who work there, it must be taken with a grain of salt. I am sure APD has some great officers, but it makes you wonder what kind of a person goes to stand in the middle of SW Atlanta wearing a badge for $37Ks a year. I am sure APD had to take in whomever they can get.

By the way, many of those officers would not be eligible to carry a gun if they were not exempt from Georgia’s Firearms License law. So, next time you are in downtown Atlanta and you are stopped by an APD officer, keep that in mind. Especially if you are legally carrying a gun and they question you about it.


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